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My name is Jonathan Au, yes Au, that is it. First and foremost the last name, pronounced aww like "awww that's a cute puppy", or "awwww mannn". All of my life the first question following my introduction tends to be "Au? What kind of last name is that?" To which I have no conclusive answer. Despite our efforts my family has not been able to pinpoint the origin of this two letter last name business. Perhaps it always was just Au. I guess we'll never know.

Born and raised in Bethlehem, PA, I stumbled into media related things at a young age. Filming bmx videos with friends, shooting photos, and running websites showcasing our "sweet skills" on the world wide web. Filming, photography, design, and web development were all extremely useful skills to have for a teenage kid in the bmx environment. I was able to use those skills regularly, for friends, family, and myself, which in turn put me in a constant state of learning and progression. To this day I continue to learn new things, whether it's it related to a camera, computer, internet connection, or life. I am always moving forward.

Periodic Table of Skills


My experience in design has included work for web, print, and video. Profficient in Adobe's Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Encore, ImageRaw). Print ads for local businesses, business cards, menus and much more. Web site design for previous employers as well as freelance clients of my own. Social media branding packages for platforms like Facebook, and Twitter. Clothing, web, and print design for clients like East Coast Destruction©.



Photography experience shooting portraits, sports, indoor and outdoor photos. Product photography for catalogs, both print and web. I am open, and striving to always advance my experience and skills in the photography field. Aside from a few photos in my portfolio below I also have a flickr account where you can view some more of my photography.



Video experience in both SD and HD video formats for both web and Dvd. Experience shooting with 3CC camcorders, and DSLR's. I have been editing with Adobe Premiere Pro for 6+ years but also have experience in Sony Vegas, and Final Cut Pro. Dvd authoring in Adobe Encore, and creating graphic elements for video and Dvd menu's in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I am always open to trying new projects, whatever they may be.


Web Development

Over ten years of freelance work, most of which is self taught. In 2011 I began my school career in Web Development at Northampton Community College. Not long after I began an internship at Killer Interactive© where I worked over a year as a Junior Web Designer/Developer. I am proficient in HTML5, CSS3, and SEO compatibility, as well as responsive design and development for phones and mobile devices. I dabble in jquery and javascript and have some experience with eccomerce platforms such as Magento, and eccomerce plugins for Wordpress. I started out making Wordpress websites yet have had the opportunity to use several other content management systems also. I am constantly furthering my knowledge in the development world and thoroughly enjoy an environment where I am challenged to learn.


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